End Times Bible Study

@ 6:30 am Every Tuesday

God’s Revelation about His creation begins in Genesis 1-2. By Genesis 3 all of creation is thrust into sin, death, curses, and chaos. The only hope for all creation is the Promised One, the “Seed” of the woman. From Genesis 3 the Bible story tells of what has happened in the past, and more importantly, what is coming in the future. As history unfolds and the conflict intensifies, God reveals more and more how the story will end. Like all great stories, this story is heading toward an ultimate showdown and a glorious victory. All that was lost at the Fall will be restored by the Promised One. This promise of ultimate victory, this hope of restoration, is important for everyone to know. For, it is this hope that must guide every believer while enduring trials, tribulations, sorrow, and suffering. What God has promised will come to pass. The Great King is coming! In our study of the “End Times” we will survey what the Bible has to say about what the future holds and how we are to respond in the meantime.